Battlestar Galactica: Exodus, Part 1

Damn, it keeps getting better and better. Exodus tells of the preparations for the return of the Galactica to New Caprica to rescue the civilians from the grip of the Cylons.

The insurgence discoveres that it was Col. Tigh's wife, Ellen, who betrayed them; they don't know the reasons for the betrayal just yet. The cat is out of the bag that Sharon's (Boomer's) daughter did not die at birth as Sharon had been told aboard Galactica, this shakes her faith and confidence in Admiral Adama and the other people she's interacted with but still carries out her orders.

There is this really touching scene between the two commanders. Lee tries one last time to convince his father not to go in what is, essentially, a suicide mission; he doesn't make it. However, as Lee is boarding the raptor that will take him back to his ship, Adama adopts the formal military protocol for when the commander of a ship is leaving and the salues Lee before he boards the ship that will take him back.  It's just those little details that make the show so appealing to me. It's not just that it's a military show but that it's a military show with a human background.