Computer Haiku Humor

Someone forwarded this to me...and I thought it was kinda funny. There's a few different versions going around...I like this one.

If computer error messages were written in Japanese Haiku, here's what they would look like...

Stop where you are
Illegal operation
Repent and restart.

Lay off the substance
Brain cells will come in handy
When password slips mind.

Password incorrect
Access to all files denied
Lay off the ganja.

Regret, sweet Regret
Trash can emptied hastily
No undoing that.

Words writing themselves
Screen has gone haywire, oh no
Coke on the keyboard.

Download all you like
But when all drives are full up
Invest in more RAM.

Finally online, but
Parental supervision
Means no fun today.

Blasted web page takes
An eternity to load.
Pray for DSL.

Thesis near complete.
Save now and make hard copy.
Thunderstorm warning.

Time slips far away
While important deadline looms.
Solitaire be damned.

Bored with your CD's?
RIAA not looking.
Thank God for Napster.

"Ready" reads "Rredy"
Only one "z" in "hazard"
Forgot to spellcheck.