Kind of a Letdown

I finished my participation in the Blackstone LARP last Friday. It was kind of a letdown and it was powergamed although I didn't realize it at the time.

We've all been feeling a little queasy and the blood feels a little less potent and the nightmares (or is it daymares) have been keeping everyone on edge as if something was very, very wrong. A few of us knew it was something to do with the Malkavians and that stuff had happened in the east coast and all around us.

I love the relationships that developed in that game, both among the characters and the friendships developed among the players at least from my perspective.  I never thought I'd be there along with Ken Gry and Theresa or that I'd drag a large number of my clanmates along with me in this adventure.

A few of us made a protection pact and then; We were ready to do whatever it was necessary to survive and we were ready to hide long enough to do it... All of a sudden, we have a cop show up; We deal with the cop, which was easy enough to do.  We were just piecing together the truth of what had happened.

I talked to one of my clan sisters and she put the knowledge of what happened in character. I was scared shitless and I was just starting to come to terms with it...

Then, of course, all hell breaks loose

The usual cast of fucked up characters showed up and just about killed us. Some of us literally and some of us by forcing us to feed into others... in my case I was drained of blood and left in the same room with another member of my clan who was in torpor. I fed on him, and because he was out of blood, I diablerize him and killed him off.

I managed to avoid everyone and, since I knew that out of character I was going to be out of town, I called some of my IC friends and let them know I was not returning

I enjoyed the game tremendously. There may have been days when I was ready to quit (and I did quit for a while once) but the acquaintances and friendships I made are great. I've learned a lot about LARPing  and about character development. I'm working on another character that applies the lessons learned in playing Andres. I'll post it when it is completed.