Food for thought

Found this while browsing through Central's Football Team website.

It is the things in life that aren't easy that will provide the most satisfaction when they are completed.

To always give my best in everything I do, remembering that who you are and what you represent goes with you everywhere.

"The thing I've learned over and over here at Central is that you do things the right way. You don't cut corners or try and do things the easy way. You look the obstacle dead in the eyes and handle it like a man. If you don't do it that way, you're cheating yourself, on the field and in your daily life."

The funniest thing is that I keep coming to this quote from Grey's

[the cast, narrating]
MEREDITH: "Human beings need a lot of things to feel alive."
GEORGE: "Family"
IZZIE: "Sex"
DEREK: "But we only need one thing"
RICHARD: "To actually be alive."
CRISTINA: "We need a beating heart."
ADDISON: "When our heart is threatened"
ALEX: "We respond in one of two ways."
GEORGE: "We either run or-"
IZZIE: "We attack."
RICHARD: "There's a scientific term for this."
ALEX: "Fight..."
ADDISON: "...or flight."
MIRANDA: "It's instinct."
MEREDITH: "We can't control it."
IZZIE: "Or can we?"