Player's Bill of Responsibilities

Summary: You are an adult. Act like one.

For those who need something a bit more explicit.....

Article 1: You are responsible for your own emotional state. Take action accordingly.

Article 2: We are adults creating a SHARED story. Make your arrangements with consideration for all concerned.

Article 3: Boredom and self-development, as in your personal life, are your responsibility.

Article 4: We're all here to have fun.

  • caveat 1: Take actions with the greater good of the game in mind.
  • caveat 2: Don't be a jerk.
  • caveat 3: The World of Darkness sucks. Plan accordingly.
  • caveat 4: Actions have consequences. Plan accordingly.

Article 5: Don't cheat.

Article 6: When in doubt, ask.

Article 7: Communicate.

  • caveat 1: You are responsible for your own psychodramatics. Plan and act accordingly. 
  • caveat 2: ST's are the final arbiters. Plan and act accordingly.

Article 8: Sometimes you have to let assholes be assholes.

Article 9: Actions have consequences. If this causes you extreme emotional duress, you need a break.

Article 10: You are playing a vampire (or other supernatural), not yourself with kewl powers. Roleplay accordingly.