The Shadow Chronicles Rock

The Shadow Chronicles rocks!!!

I didn't even realize when the story was over but it's such an engrossing and transparently took me from New Generation into the story line without being too disruptive with everything I already knew about the universe.

*** Spoilers ahead ***

The first part of RTSC happens in parallel with episode 85 of the TV show and takes the point of view of the returning Expeditionary fleet and Ariel as to what happens both on Earth as well as in space during the last battle.

There is a side story that becomes central to the later acts of the movie where Vince Grant (the late Claudia Grant's brother), captain of the Icarus, is sent to unsuccessfully rescue the SDF-3 where they first meet the new enemy, the Haydonites. The Icarus obtains information about the Neutron-S missiles and the danger they present to Earth and to the people who employ them.

While the Icarus attempts its rescue, the Expeditionary Fleet is getting pummeled by the Invid and their numbers. On Earth, Ariel is trying to convince the Regees, her mother, to leave Earth and not a second too soon as the Expeditionary fleet decides to launch the Neutron-S missiles to eliminate the Invid presence on Earth without success as the Reeges destroyds the missiles as she leaves the planet.

For the rest of the plot, buy the movie you cheap ass

Those of you who have seen the series will find some differences between episodes 84 and 85 of the TV show and the new movie, but while they are significant, they help close the TV show much better IMO than a straight retelling of the last 2 or 3 episodes of the show would have done.