Delayed Reaction

It was sorta, kinda funny that it's taken almost 2 full months to start feeling depressed about being let go from Chico. It feels like someone smacked me with the rubber chicken and it didn't hurt until much later. I can't really wait to get the hell out of this town.... I thought that the positive outweighed the negative but it didn't as much as I thought it would so it seems that a tactical retreat is needed (in other words, I don't want to put up with things so I'll just leave)

The video below: The Brillian Green's Rainy Days Never Stay talks a little bit about that; about living up to what you do and don't do

The second video is just a trip down memory line. You'll have to ask to know more 🙂


  • I like Chopin -- Gazebo
  • Rainy Days Never Stay -- The Brilliant Green
  • Jars of Clay (short mix in iTunes)
  • Deff Leppard


  • Special Forces -- Clancy
  • Yssard's Revenge -- Stackpole


  • Trying to gather energy to go back to packing


  • Dollhouse Teaser
  • Shadow Chronicles
  • New Kimagure Orange Road Movie