Everything happens for a reason


These hard times
Matchbox 20

morning falls like rain
into the city life
there goes another night

lose my breath in waves
knowing that every crash
is bleeding the hourglass
and taking the stride

from all our lives

everyone keeps talking
they promise you everything
they don't mean anything
we may lose our focus
there's just too many words
we're never meant to learn

and we don't feel so

say goodbye
these days are gone
and we can't keep holding on
when all we need
is some relief
from these hard times

move your hands in circles
keeping me hypnotized
the power behind your eyes
move around your bedroom
cursing the naked sky
you should be here tonight

but you stay alone
and cry

there's something missing
you never feel it but you
you're gonna feel it when it's gone
when it's gone