Feeling a little bit better

The Stats

  • Current Weight: 255 lbs
  • Target Weight: 190 - 200


  • Warmup
    • 5 minute treadmill run
    • 5 minute bike (mile in 3:30)
    • Some leg and upper body stretch
  • Training
    • Boxing
    • Balance exercise (quick run and sudden stop)
    • Lats (grab ball and swing it sideways so your leg opposite to were you're swinging twists 90 degrees
    • pushup walk
    • Boxing
  • After training
    • 20 minute bike (Managed to get back down to a 3 minute average mile 🙂 )
    • 10 minute stretching (mostly legs... the bike ride was a bitch)

Goal for the next week

  • Find if there's a bike rental place near Stanford in Palo Alto and see how much it is to rent a bike
  • If I can rent a bike then go for a 5-10 mile ride on the roads behind Stanford