Long(er) Term Plans

Some of the things that I want to do and questions that I want to answer before the end of the year (Q2 and Q3, 2008)

Activity Description Notes
GRE  --> Dates?! Pick a date and take it, don't worry about the score for now
  Question about submission to multiple institutions  
UNR --> PhD without an MA Can I do the PhD and complete an MA at the same time?
  MA with Emphasis in Basque Studies  
UGA --> Work on packet Deadline is in December
  App Fee  
Trip to Chile --> Dates Ideally December '08 / January '09 for 1 month
  • Trip to Antofagasta to spend time with family and visit Dad's grave
  • Diving lessons before I go so I can go diving when there
  • Train Trip to Chiloe and lots of hiking once there or just quiet time for reflection
  • Blogging, lots of blogging
  • Buy a Cannon SLR camera so I can take tons and tons of pictures and load them directly to blog and/or gallery
  • Contact friends so I can spend time with them
  • Answer the question: Do I want to stay?
  • Cost Tickets from SFO and from LAX (LAX seems to be cheaper by about $200) either getting my ass down there or flying out of whatever city I find myself in
  • Find a place to stay (rent from aunt or friend?)
  • Contact the people I want to see