Priorities, realizations and commitments


It's not even may and I'm apprehensive as hell. Why is it that the stress level goes up the closer I get to an important date or event? I'm not even close to the damn date and I'm already starting to stress out about the application. I know that once I complete the letter, transcripts and GRE is not going to be under my control. I did the best I can and now it's in other people's hands which is something I most definitely hate. On the other hand, the GRE is my responsibility and something that I need to work hard at


"El tiempo pasa, nos vamos poniendo viejos"

I connected with  the children of two of my professors at central. The oldest already graduated from college, the youngest is starting college this fall. I'm just like holly cow! I didn't think that so much time had passed since I last saw them.

When you give feedback

If you feel like you have to give negative feedback at least pretend that the person you're criticizing did something, however small, well. 


To my grad school application process

To continue doing my best, regardless of how hard I'm finding it to be

To my health, both mental and physical



  • Linkin Park
  • Darryl Hall


  • The Art of Project Management
  • Managing Humans
  • Wolf's Honour (Awesome Ragnar Blackmane's novel) 


  • Getting to the point where I have to motivate myself to do my final project


  • Reruns of Jag, NCIS and Power Rangers