Taking things at face value

I almost screwed up the juggling act tonight... crap. Combination of things set my mom off and I wasn't in the best of moods so it was a good recipe for a quick fight. It was the way she looked at me really quickly and then dismissed me as if I was one of her high school students that really got to me. I didn't think my mom had it in her.

Again I may be reading too much on what was a normal worried reaction.  We'll just have to see how things work out from now on 🙂

Yesterday and today (10/4 and 10/5) I was reminded why I love Naginata. We had a seminar on Saturday and a tournament on Sunday.... I am still paying for the soreness and the muscle aches today (10/6) but at a deep down level there is something too satisfying about being matched with your friends and hitting, and avoiding being hit, each other... it's strategy but it's also the simple pleasure of shared activities.

There is nothing in Naginata that is not there when you start. The more you learn the more things are as they've always been.  Sensei will never change things on you without letting you know, it may be 30 seconds before things are supposed to happen but you will be notified.

It's just taking things at face value.

I'm so used to having to decrypt the layers and layers of meaning and double meanings over what people are really saying that it's hard for you to just take things at face value, just as they are without any added commentary, addition or subtraction.