Things I want to do before I kick the bucket

AKA The Bucket List (For now and in no particular order)

  1. Run a sprint triathlon (maybe this one in June)
    • Now I'm getting ready for an OIlympic Distance one in September
  2. Start training for a Half Iron Man Triathlon next year
    • Ended up doing my Half Ironman in 2009. Will do at least 2 more this year (2010)
  3. Attend one Tiesto concert… either alone or with friends.
  4. Get published in (as a battletech fiction author)
  5. Get published in an academic journal for Instructional Technology
  6. Reconnect with my friends from school and spend some time (even if it's 1 hour) rehashing our school life and what's been of them since
  7. Get a civilian pilot's license and fly across the country
  8. Explore possibilities of work in Chile
  9. Find someone with whom I can build a lasting relationship
  10. Really treasure friends and family. You're not guaranteed to have them forever
  11. Learn to play guitar
  12. Scuba Diving
    • Basic license
    • Underwater photography
    • Whatever license you need to get to be able to explore submerged wrecks
    • Dive Master
    • Diving Instructor
  13. At least the first jump with a skydiving instructor
  14. Driver's license
    • Buy a car
  15. Motorcycle license
    • Buy a Harley
  16. Travel
    • Chile
    • Australia to dive the great reef
    • Basque Country to do further research in Anthropology
    • Hawaii to enjoy at least a week there
    • As many countries as I can before I kick it. At least 50 countries before I turn 50?
    • Motorcycle Cross Country trip
  17. Save enough money that I can do all of these things
  18. Help my friends wherever I can
  19. Go to Gencon, origins, Kublacon and Games Day at least every other year
  20. Learn to Swing dance, ballroom dancing in general and tango in particular
  21. Work towards Ni Dan in Naginata
  22. Train in Kyudo