Another lesson learned

I knew it was a good ride today. I just didn’t know how good it was until a few minutes ago.

Remember how I said I wasn’t sure if I could break the 5:30 minute per mile in the mountain bike?  I not only did my best personal time of 5:16 minute per mile on my way out… I also did  a sustained 5:24 minute per mile over 13 miles.

As awesome as the stats are they also remind me of something Debbie mentioned… not to give up and never to think of a goal as unreachable…

The race wasn’t called Easter Roller Coaster for nothing

Results according to me:

  • Total Distance: 3.12 miles
  • Total Time: 33:10.79
  • Average Pace: 10:38 / mile

Easter Sunday Roller Coaster Run Race Map - Click on image for large size
Easter Sunday Roller Coaster Run Race Map - Click on image for large size

I guess the first hint that this was going to be one mofo of a race was where it was held. We spent a while looking for parking and then decided to kinda/sorta block two garages… we didn’t get in too much trouble or any trouble at all 😀

I did better than expected… I did the same time than I did in my last 5k race on flat even ground. My legs were about as good as they’ve been after a run… I still think that 30 minute 5k is doable… considering that I did 10:38 per mile today… I think that my times are only going to get better.

Debbie (my running partner) is trying to convince me to run a 10k (6.2 miles) race rather than the 5k I’ve been doing. I’ll have to think about that… it’s tempting but I’m afraid it’ll get me out of my rhythm for the June and July triathlon races. On the other hand, the more I run the longer distances, the better I’m getting at the shorter ones.

I’ll do it, it’s just going to be a matter of when and what pace do I keep. I just won’t say anything yet.

There’s a lot more to today but it doesn’t really relate to running, biking, swimming or the Triathlon so I’ll leave it for another post.

It’s going to be an interesting week

Tomorrow (Saturday 4/4) should be an interesting day, as in the Chinese saying type of interesting, for workout. I pushed hard yesterday and today… I’m very happy that I managed to do my 15 mile bike ride in 90 minutes, all I hope is I can sustain that pace without hurting myself.

This week is going to be interesting… Run on Tuesday and Thursday; then do a 2 hour spinning session on Wednesday… off on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and then run on Sunday… 5k.  This time I hope to have more pictures 😀