Bike awesomeness

No, I don’t think awesomness is a word, but it perfectly describes my Saturday morning.

Since it was an on your own brick, I had already decided to try a different route for my ride. I wasn’t sure which one and I was scared shitless of the possibilities… even though they all were flat routes there were enough uphills to scare me a lot.

Ride Map, Click on the Image for a Larger Size
The Map of my Ride

I got to the starting point for the routes and I kinda chose one on a whim right there. Particularly after the fights I’ve been having with mom I needed the release of just riding.I got into Campus Dr. on Stanford and started biking. I wasn’t listening to music so I had a lot of time to enjoy the views and just think.

As I turned into Alpine Dr. from Junipero Serra I realized that if I had to come back the same way, always a possibility, the ride would turn into a bitch really quickly… Alpine has some inclines that are a dream to go down on and a nightmare to go up.

I kept riding and basically drafted someone who was riding really slow in a road bike. Learning to draft is dangerous and you have to learn to do it keeping farther back than you’d normally do it and you have to put absolute trust in the person in front of you, any little deviation and you’re on the ground in pain. I kept going down Alpine until I hit Portola Valley.  It was amazing to see how many cyclists were out there on the 4th of July no less.

I hit the end of the road before I was supposed to turn and decided to stop for a break and to get directions. It was then that I realized how good a ride this was shaping out to be. My legs were doing awesome after the swim and the farther I rode the better I felt.

I got directions and a much needed brake. Again, the more I rode the happier I felt and the faster I felt I was going. I’m surprised you didn’t hear me yell when I hit the top of Sandhill Road on the way back to Palo Alto. It was amazing, only way I can describe it.

View from the top of Sandhill Road towards 280 and Palo Alto

View from the top of Sandhill Road towards 280 and Palo Alto

It got even better when I got to the top of Sandhill Road, looking down on 280. It was the realization that I can do whatever I set my mind to.  It also taught me that some of the fears I have in the bike are no fears at all.  Looking down from the top of Sandhill Road was like catharsis. I realized that the place I stop when coming from Palo Alto is really close to the top of the summit and the rest of the ride is pretty flat. I also realized that I can’t just let fear stop me; rather than let my legs drive the ride it’s gotta be me who decides when it’s too long or I’m too tired.

The place where I usually stop to ride back is about 500 feet from the top of the hill.  Once I get my legs back up and running to my comfort level I’ll try the reverse Portola loop. We’ll just have to see how it works 😀