Knowing versus believing

Reading blogs from other people who train and/or do endurance sports has always been refreshing to me. It rekindles motivation and it takes me out of my funk that has nothing to do with events or running/biking/swimming.

Reminded me again that we all face challenges but that the important thing is to meet them head-on and not to back away from them. Stresses from other areas of life are bleeding into training and I can’t really afford that, at least not this week with 2 weeks left before the race and 1 week, and 7 to 10 days  of actual training time. The third link actually was the most important one.  I have to constantly remind myself why am I doing this. Why did I agree to train and work my ass of the way I have? The first one was a challenge coming from a friend, the second one was more an impulse and the third one is because it is the right thing to do, it’s free training for a cause. I set up a pretty tough schedule for the second half of 2009, including a half marathon (maybe with Team in Training), swimming from the Bay Bridge to Golden Gate and who knows, eventually start working towards a 70.3 half Iron Man (which is my goal within the next 5 years) I think I got a big shot in the arms in terms of motivation yesterday (06/04/2009) when I found out that my running technique needs only a little bit of tweaking rather than the major work I thought I was going to need.  I guess I’ll have a chance to prove it on Sunday 🙂

Right now it looks like I’ll be staying in San Jose for a while longer at least.  The department of Anthropology accepted me for the Master’s in Applied Anthropology… I need to wait to see if the University will accept me; it’d be really ironic if the department were to accept me (which they have already) and the university were to reject me (which may still happen.) Although I am still passionate about UGA I am not really holding my breath. It’s been about 10+ weeks since I applied and 8+ weeks since I fixed the application and talked to the Dr. Reeves (the graduate coordinator) about what it is that I needed to do and how I needed to do it to resubmit the stuff that was rendered irrelevant by the faculty member who I had picked as my advisor not going to be there in the fall.  I wonder how long do you have to wait to get an answer and how does how long they take to answer affect the kind of answer and how you deal with the fallout of said answer.

The two videos in this page are what I’ve been using for motivation… It gets tough to stay motivated and training as hard as I have requires a little bit of mental push. I hadn’t really realized it but endurance sports are as much a mental exercise as they are physical