Pacific Grove is almost here…

Can’t believe it’s only 3 more weeks before PG. I also can’t believe that I’m 95% certain that I’ll do Big Kahuna 5 or 6 weeks later.

20090825 Bike N Beer Replacement Ride

Since classes got in the way of the Bike N Beer tradition I had to come up with my own replacement ride. Loved the ride to Woodside so I got on the bike and did a modified version of the ride we did on Saturday both to test the legs on the bike without swimming and because I enjoyed the ride.

I biked to Menlo Park like I normally do except that I did take the bike path instead of riding on El Camino and got into the bike path at California rather than University, then got into Santa Cruz Av. until I hit Alameda turned right into Sandhill road but, instead of doing the Portola loop I turned right into Whisky Hill road  and headed to Woodside. After a short brake and refill of water and Gu outside the market I headed back pretty much the same way

20090826 Swim Workout

I keep cramping up really bad. Once you cramp in the water it’s time to come out. I did swim 2000 yards/meters which is the distance I need for Big Kahuna. I just need to fine tune the work on my nutrition and then keep the legs healthy and loose for the event… More on this on my planning post later on.

20080827 Track Workout

I learned first hand how bad it can get if you screw your nutrition. I ate too close to practice and I paid the consequences in a very uncomfortable and, almost, painful run…

The workout was a pyramid… run 400, 800, 1200, 800 and 400 with 1 minute rest between stages. Do this twice and even in your good training days your legs are toast. Add to that poor nutrition choices I made and I was about ready to puke my dinner right onto the track.

Fortunately I didn’t puke and managed to do the workout without major discomfort but it was a great lesson 🙂

20080829 Ride N Tie

Whoever designed Ride N Tide ought to be shot. It’s a fun event and a great way to simulate the pain you’ll be going through in a Triathlon but it was too hot and it was too demanding on the legs who are just now (about an hour or 2 later) recovering from Thursday’s track workout.

It’s 3 laps of 2 miles each where teams of 2 alternate between running and biking and then a series of short precision exercises, like being blindfolded and having your team mate guide you to drop something held between your knees into a bucket, Frisbee targeting, or using your hips to move a potato in a panty towards it target.

It was fun but with the heat it took a hell of a lot out of me