Spring endurance season and beyond…

Unless money becomes a real issue I’ll do four events with TNT; 3 as a non-fundraising participant and will pick up one of the four to fundraise:

  • Wildflower Long Course Triathlon; Yes, another 1/2 Ironman because that’s the minimum I have my sights set on for 2011
  • The Seattle to Portland ride; 202 miles in 1 or 2 days… if I don’t get saddle sore with this one then I probably won’t at all
  • Pac Grove Olympic, just to see if I can shave 30 minutes off my time in 2009 and because it was my first Olympic triathlon
  • Big Kahuna… I have to see if I can improve the run and to continue honoring the first of kind races I do.

In an ideal world I’d be able to do all of them without problem but since the world is far less than ideal I’ll probably have to choose which ones I do in addition to the stuff I want to do for the rest of the year 🙂

Edit: Fuck! The world is far from ideal… Big Kahuna and Pac Grove are the same weekend. I’ll have to choose one or the other. Damn!

Edit #2 (3/28/2010):Money has spoken... because of budget issues I am not able to do any of the Spring events that I wanted. Double and triple damn!

So the Calendar looks something like this (subject to budgetary considerations and commitment to school and work)

Month Event
May Wildflower Long Course Triathlon
Team in Training non-fundraising event
June Silicon Valley Olympic Triathlon
Self funded and self supported
July Group Health Seattle to Portland Ride
Team in Training possible fundraising event
Sept. The Triathlon At Pacific Grove
Olympic Distance
Team in Training possible fundraising event


Big Kahuna Half Iron Man Triathlon
Team in Training non-fundraising event

Oct. Find another local triathlon to do on your own
Self funded and self supported event
Nov. Find another 1/2 Ironman or Olympic event that is not TnT
Self funded and self supported event(s)
Dec. Just run and swim to prepare for Ironman70.3 Pucon if it’s not sold out by the time I get to buy the entry fee *crosses fingers*
Self funded and self supported event(s)
January 2011 Ironman 70.3 Pucon, Chile
Party hard and train harder
Self funded and self supported event

As I said… this is the theory… we’ll just have to see how it works in practice

At any rate if only half the events pan out it’ll still be a kick ass year in terms of training and achieving more than what I thought was possible.