These are the good times

It’s been fun to take a look at the pictures and try to remember where I was and what I was doing at the time… Here we go 🙂

Debbie and Carlos after his first 5k run

Debbie and Carlos after his first 5k run. March 2009 in San Francisco

This is the Rainbow Falls 5k in Golden Gate Park in san Francisco. Xavier, my trainer, had been bugging me to start running outside and get used to running for the Triathlon (at the time it was the only one I was going to do). I convinced Debbie, a trainer at my 24 hour fitness, to run with me.
Debbie and I agreed on a time  so she could pace me. We finished in a fairly decent time, for a newbie to the distance and to running in general. As the caption of the photo says, This is where it all started.


M-A Bear Run

M-A Bear Run. May 3rd, 2009

I remember being scared shitless. This was a big fucking race, the biggest I’ve been to so far and, after the really intimate atmosphere of the DSE races, I wasn’t really ready for 600+ runners all sharing the course. This was also the first course where they had an aid station… I kept thinking that this was too complicated and that I didn’t want to do it anymore…. yet I keep doing it and have learned to enjoy it more and more


SVMBT Run Start

SVMBT Run Start



This has been the highlight of my season so far. It was so very satisfying to cross that finish line that I can’t explain it unless you’ve done triathlons before. It was a mixed bag, there was exhilaration at finally being done with the race and an empty space where the training and the focus was… now what?
I decided to continue training for Triathlons and make that my sport.


Coyote Point Swim

Coyote Point Run

We had just done our first open water swim. There’s a ton of stuff that you need to get used to when using a wet suit… the first one is that it’s meant to be uncomfortable.
The second thing I learned is how important it is to wear the right sox.  I had a hell of a time getting onto mine for the run


Practice Tri Run

Practice Tri Run. August 8, 2009

Practice Tri Bike

Practice Tri Bike. August 8, 2009

Over the past two weeks I’m starting to feel like the whole Olympic Distance Triathlon is coming together as more than just hard exercise and occasional bricks.
It’s a healthy lifestyle of discipline and commitment where you can see the result of the work and effort every race; plus I’ve had the chance to meet some awesome people and shinning role model examples (thanks for all your help and motivation Drew!)
It has also forced me to re-evaluate my life in terms of goals, careers and objectives.  If I can get a full time job then I can split time between work, school and training… if I can’t get a full time job then it’s easier as I’ll have less things  to do 🙂
After loosing 40 pounds and working my ass off this last year I think i’m finally starting to be comfortable in my own skin. It’s taken almost 20 years but I’m damn happy and proud it finally happened.

More to come! 🙂