Where I am and where I’m going with my training

Where I’m at

Today was exhausting but it was so rewarding at the same time. we swam about 1250 meters in the ocean and ran 4 miles. It was my first time in a wetsuit and it’ll take me a while to get used to swimming with that many restrictions. The swim was harder than I thought and the run was actually enjoyable.

Coyote Point has some breathtaking views; You can watch the planes landing at SFO and how they make these awesome shadows in the water as it got closer to touching down… it was amazing.


I’m no longer sure of my immortality. I know I will die; maybe not tomorrow but eventually we all will kick it. I may want to challenge myself in some areas but I’m tired of everything turning into a fight either external or internal.

Until I’m confident in my abilities in the 3 sports of Triathlon the Bay Area is the best place for me to be.

Where I want to go

Update: I decided to try and do Big Kahuna in October and then, maybe, skip Marin all together. The distances are not really that much more and I'll be trained and ready for the challenge.

Either with Team in Training or with other Tri Clubs I can continue to train and perfect my skills to the point where I can meet my schedule of events that I want to compete in:

After I do at least 4 of these races I’ll move to half Iron distances. From there… as they say the sky is the limit 🙂