Checking in (08/30)

I think I've finally decided what I'm going to do. I'm going for Ironman Arizona next year with Iron Team, Once I get it out of the way then I can decide if I'll do it again a year or two later or if I'm going to stick with half iron / 70.3 distances as my preferred endurance races.

Two of my best friends in California are getting married! I think it shouldn't have caught me by surprise as much as it did... but damn, that picture of Keeley wearing the ring was astonishing and not just because the ring looked awesome on her hand but also because it's one more couple of friends who are hitching up. It used to bother me a lot more than it does now.

It just means getting travel arrangements for California (and getting a few pairs of running shoes in the process) and spend good time with friends I didn't realize how much I missed until today.

I thought I was 100% committed to IronTeam but after weekends like the last I'm down to about 90% certainty or even less.

I also thought that moving out of California would be the great adventure and the best way to challenge myself. It was and it has been but not in the way that I expected it ... I've looked at the support structures and the people I had in California and how much I miss them now that I have to work on discipline and willpower alone.