Damn, triathlons are expensive in more than one sense

You have to pick the freaking expensive hobbies, don’t you? If it’s not your favorite miniature wargaming games from a british company  (Games Workshop), it is Naginata, where you have to import a lot of your gear from Japan and now triathlons where the costs are just starting to pile up, fortunately the most expensive stuff is not recurring.

My soon to be first TT bike

Let’s look at costs:

Winter Cycling Gear

  • New bike (Giant aluminum TT/Tri bike): $1800 after taxes + the cost of the pedals
  • New pair of cycling shoes: $175 (pedals cover the cost of the clips for the shoes)
  • Arm warmers
  • Leg warmers
  • Cold-weather gloves for cycling
  • Skull cap or balaclava for under your helmet
  • Cycling shoe covers
  • Snug-fitting top you can wear under your cycling jersey
  • Medium- or light-weight windbreaker / shell jacket
  • Windproof cycling pants
  • Warm socks but with wicking properties (not cotton)

Winter Running Gear

  • Tights
  • Cold-weather gloves for running
  • Skull cap or balaclava
  • Long-sleeved shirt with wicking properties (dri-fit, cool-max, etc.)
  • Warm socks but with wicking properties (not cotton)


  • Bike Trainer (device that lets you ride your own bike indoors)
  • Heart Rate Monitor (not required but highly recommended)
  • Bike computer with cadence (recommended if you opt not to get a heart rate monitor)
  • Kickboard
  • Pull buoy
  • Gear bag that is also a backpack for schlepping your gear around
  • Muti-tool (small collection of allen wrenches that goes in your saddle bag)
  • Set of allen wrenches to make adjustments to your bike (multi-tool has only limited wrench sizes)
  • Chain cleaning gadget and brushes for cleaning your bike

We train rain or shine