Doctors and Uncertainty

Don't know what is it about doctor's offices

I fucking hate going to the doctor and I most definitely hate being scared to death. I had to do the earlier and got the later as a result.  Moving to Georgia has put my sinuses on a really foul mood and they have let me know it.
As part of my preparation for IronTeam I decided I wanted to get all the medical stuff out of the way and go in with a clean slate.

The doctor decided something different.

I went for, what I thought, would be a checkup and a new prescription for my nasal spray and prescription Claritin and be done with it. I ended up with a diagnosis of acid reflux, a camera up my nose, a shot almost on my ass, and the fear of the reflux becoming an issue down the road.

I’m dreading making an appointment with a family doctor. I know I have to as I have to get referrals to dietician/nutritionist and, maybe, a gastroenterologist.

Will it stop me from registering for IM AZ? No! I decided this was going to be my challenge for 2011 and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let my health stop me from trying.

Am I scared? Hell yeah, I mean, wouldn’t you be? I’m getting to the point where I can’t really dick around with my health... particularly not if I’m going to continue doing endurance sports into my 40s, 50s and beyond (assuming I make it that far overall 🙂 )