Planning Ahead

There are a lot of things left to decide... One of the things on the plate for after I get a car is whether I want to move closer to Atlanta or to Atlanta itself. The pros so far outweigh the cons... Particularly if I'm accepted for Iron Team then Atlanta becomes a necessity and with the non-existent public transportation in Georgia then I hope yup can see why I really need this. Plus All my teammates and friends live closer to Atlanta, I miss being able to get on the bus and go to places without having to take cabs.
I'm also re-evaluating grad school. Despite being soured to the whole concept I have to admit that the idea still holds some appeal. Either as a professional culmination (if I decide to stay in instructional technology) or as a way to start something different yet again... Which is very appealing and very scary at the same time.</p
Emory university in Atlanta has a 5 week I introduction to Kyudo course. I so want to do it... you have no idea. Then I have to find a place to set up a Naginata study group / dojo before too long... I don't want to stagnate in that department any more than I already have.

But I guess the biggest question is whether I want to stay in Carrollton long term for work or if I want to move onto something else closer to Atlanta. Don't misunderstand me... I love UWG and Carrollton to a degree but I miss being able to do things like I used to in the Bay Area... I want to go to the theater, movies, good restaurants and so many other things that I'm very ambivalent about my place of residence. If I had a car it would be a non issue but I don't so it is.