The week before

D-8. Long Ride (20 miles)

It was another awesome ride. It took me this long to put my nutrition in order. If there's one thing that I like about Carrollton is the variety of rides you can plan for a given distance... It felt like I was riding back in California with all the shade and the breeze.

Can only hope that temperature stays in the 80s next weekend.

Song(s) for the day: Uncharted, Sara Bareilles

D-7 Long Run (5 - 7 miles)

Ended up doing the 5 mile option. I think I'm finally learning to pace the run. Except for the first mile or so where according to my iPhone GPS I was doing a sub 8 minute mile (!) I managed to stick between 10 and 12 minute mile for the whole run. I was amazed at how well I felt after the run. No unusual pain and muscles were tired but not sore when I got home to my cold shower.

Trying to decide if I want to purchase a belt to carry my race number for the run

Song(s) for the day: These are the days (Jo Dee Messina)

D-6 EZ Swim

It was a short and weird swim today. It was short but it also brought a lot of thoughts to the front of my mind. How many times do we stop and are thankful for having the options and chances that we do?

How many times do we stop and just be thankful for being healthy enough to take the beating of triathlon training and racing? I know we all put ourselves through an insane amount of pain and we look forward and welcome it.... We take for granted that we'll be healthy and that we'll be able to push as hard as humanly possible.

How many times do we stop to be thankful for having the means to train and participate on a really expensive sport? If you start adding the cost of stuff then it all adds up to the scary level... and I'm not talking of top of the line gear. For that you better have a sponsor because the bikes can be as expensive as a car.

How many times do we stop to thank God for the people who have shaped our lives... And appreciate them while we have them with us

Song(s) for the day: Just the way you are (Diana Krall)

D-5 EZ Bike/Run

D-4 EZ Swim


D-2 On My Way To Augusta

D-1 Last Minute Things And Inspiration Dinner

Packing is a bitch. Even more so packing for triathlons... I always think I forgot something and, even if I didn't, the level of added stress is not what I need when I'm trying not to freak out about a hundred other things.

On the other hand it's helped crystalize the fact that the event is here and that, ready or not, I'll have to do my best I can.

I am back to 90% committed to Iron Team. Not just because it's one of the biggest challenges I've attempted but also because the cause is worth the effort. The people whom I know who are barreling or have battled cancer deserve my best effort to fund a cure. Those who didn't make it deserve to know that it'll never happen again.

I'll do another post for race day 🙂