it was an awesome race

We did Rev3 Knoxville on Sunday and all I can say is damn!

It was all I could hope for and the some. It wasn't an easy course but I still managed a very descent PR. The swim felt like it took forever but it was only 30 minutes. More than once I had to stop because I kept being punched, swam over or kicked by the people swimming the Half Iron distance swim... Whoever said that swimming wasn't a full contact sport never swam a triathlon!

knoxville tennessee_8679

Image by mondays child via Flickr

The swim felt a lot more sluggish than the time indicated but I'm starting to get used to the feeling. It was 30 minutes even and, considering all the times I had to slow down or stop because I was hit, I was damn pleased with it (30 minutes for 1.5k).

The bike was a whole new experience. It's the first race that I do with Angie, my Giant Tri-Bike (yes, I name my bikes) and it showed me both how much I've improved in my cycling and in my fitness level overall. The  course was hilly, nothing terrible but something that would have definitely killed me this time last year.  I posted my best 25 mile time ever by about 17 minutes.

As usual with the run, I was aprehensive and a little sore after the bike but in a totally different way than in prior races. It was the quadriceps instead of the calves and hamstrings. It wasn't as painful as I expected it to be (see my  race report for 70.3 Augusta last year for more on my reaction to running pain)

I think that what made this race so different than all prior 4 was the fact that the support was right there. If anything it felt like Pacific Grove in 2009. I still remember the coaches and all my friends

D – 4 and Counting

The butterflies are doing a number on my stomach. It's getting to that time before a race where I either go into this really careful planning mode or just say screw it and push as hard as I can on the swim and the bike so I can struggle peacefully during the run.