Here's To Crazy Dreams and Insane Adventures

Why not dream big?

That's the question I've been asking myself over the past couple weeks and came to the conclusion that as long as you ground yourself in the now, there is no reason why you can't look forward and dream the big ass dreams. So here we go.

2012 is the year to regroup and to plan for school, GRE Prep (again), lots of practice tests and 4 endurance events (in no particular order)

I got an email from a recruiter for a 3 year project based from Miami and I'm tempted to take it... but a lot will depend on what I hear from the recruiter regarding the position... Ideally I would take it if I can telecommute and maybe move to Atlanta or even California. It wasn't meant to be (for the type of work they want they were not paying enough) and I decided not to take it.

Now that that is taken out of the equation I get to really think whether I should stay with the team or not. The dreamer in me says that I'll make it... that all the pain and the effort is worth it in the end when I cross the finish line in Arizona in November. But the practical me thinks that I need to be more practical and start thinking money that I'll need to move back... oh shit indeed.

But, you know what? The part of me that hates leaving a challenge undone is pulling me towards not quitting, even if you're not gonna make it you should still take the challenge and see how far can I go before I have to drop out (if I have to drop out) either way it'll be an interesting challenge.