Swimming Is The Most Relaxing Workout

I used to not be happy with my swimming, that is changing, a whole fn lot. A couple weeks before the accidents we did a 30 minute benchmark swim and I did an average of 1:53 per 100 yards. I'm going 'hell yeah, that was awesome swim.

The crash (I refuse to call it accident) put me down for almost 3 weeks and I've been more than a little hesitant to go back to training full bore. But I did last week  and the running feels better and the swim on Monday was awesome.... but nothing compared to Wednesday. I ripped my prior best 100 yard time by about 8 seconds per 100 yard... almost a full minute on 700 yards!

I was floored. Coach had given me 2 minutes per 100 yards and I cut about 15 seconds per 100 on the time that I was given and about 8 seconds from what I thought was my best time ever.

Now to get it below 1:30 😀

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