Why didn't I hear about this earlier

I almost posted something like this in Facebook earlier today

Carlos is seriously thinking if he can make in 3 weeks the qualifying time for US Masters Swimming Long Course Nationals. The time is 5:15 and the qualifier meet is 30 days from now. Wonders if he should push to meet that time or if he should wait for next year and see if he can cut it when he's healthy and not with Ironman written all over his head... tough question

It makes me wonder if I'm ready to push that hard so soon. If I'm good and listen to the doctor then I have about 9 days to really train for this. The stupid me is saying why wait, start now and be ready for those last 9 days. Practicality wins in the end... I'm in no shape to push 400 meters in 5 minutes and, at least this year, I have a good reason not to... it's in Arizona in November 😀