Burning Questions: Money

Not too long ago I finished talking to a recruiter about a job with Paypal in San Jose and I've been working with another recruiter for a job in San Francisco well, South San Francisco, which tied to something I got from Danielle Laporte got my wheels spinning and thinking.

Beyond the basics of food, shelter, and health, what do you need money for? Does beauty matter? Does comfort matter? Does stability have great meaning for you, or the capacity to travel the world? If you say it matters to you, then it matters. And what matters varies wildly from person to person.

Money is a means to an end is the knee-jerk answer.

But what are the ends and what are the means deserves a little more thought and reflection.

The end is the goal where you want to be at when completing a task, a period in life or a job. A means is a resource that will allow you to reach the end you set out to. Sometimes I tend to forget what is the important part of pursuing a goal, the goal itself or the journey.