The search for sunrise comes full circle

Has it only been 3 years?! It's feels like it was yesterday that I was at a Info meeting in Palo Alto deciding that yes, that I was going to do a triathlon and that I was going to do an Olympic distance race!

Today was our kickoff meeting and the more things change the more they stay the same indeed. It was so cool seeing all the familiar faces and giving those hugs that I thought I would never give again...

there is always the sadness of the people you don't see. When I heard the honored hero speak I couldn't help but remembering and missing Jim Delaney tremendously. Yes, life goes on but the world is a little sadder and a little more lonely because of him having left us.

I have a lot of goals and objectives but I'll just open with two because the season is long and because I have to start somewhere

I want to get my time down to 3 hours (maybe 3:10 is ok) This is not hubris and pride. This is my way of setting a challenge and motivating myself to push hard because the bigger goal is still ahead. I'm starting to get the bug of the full Ironman for 2013 but I need and I want to know that I can make it at a shorter distance before I do this crazy thing called Ironman. This is also my way to finally accept that breaking my leg was a setback not the end of the world.

I want to have fun and enjoy the ride. The longer I've been outside training looking in to what my friends are doing how and why they are doing it the more I realize that I need to enjoy what I was doing.

This doesn't mean I wasn't enjoying the team in Georgia but, sometimes, I questioned if just training was a good enough reason to stay