i’m reminded again that trash comes in all colors and shapes

I'm still amazed at the extent people go to just make life easier to themselves and fuck the rest, just because they are not in a position of authority or because they think they've earned respect.

I took the lightrail in to work today. Train is empty, there are a lot of spaces in the bike rack. This Asian guy (I'm guessing Vietnamese) puts the bike across from me, taking 3 seats, and goes to sit elsewhere. I ask him if he's really going to seat where he was going to and leave the bike unattended... And that if any accident happens it'll fall towards me.

Before continuing; I know some of you will argue that the train was empty and that he should have the right to put his bike anywhere. Yeah, that's not what I was initially arguing... All I wanted was for the guy to take responsibility for it and not be far from it if it falls on someone or if someone had to pick it up because it fell.

Not only he didn't do as requested but he started cussing me off and yelling that he had paid and I was in no position to tell him what to do (apparently the fact that I had paid for my ticket didn't factor in his limited view of the world). What really got to me was how dismissive he was... like everyone who doesn't agree with him and let him get away with shit is below him and he takes such an imperial air that I wanted nothing more than take his newspapers and shove them up his ass sideways.

I have no doubt that he's met better people than me (way above his level too). I've never claimed to be good or awesome but this little asian asshole was really pissing me off and made me carry a baseball bat. I know I shouldn't let anger get the best of me but it was just unbelievable.

About a week later on Monday I see the same little shit coming in riding his shitty bike coming towards me. I'm going into the train but I'm afraid that the little shit will run me over if I don't pay attention and man I was tempted to deck him... Monday more than the other day. It still amazes me how rude and arrogant people can be when they think they can get away with it.

Has this old guy been mistreated so badly that he feels the need to lash out against anyone who challenges him? I wonder what will happen when he finds someone who really gets angry and beats the crap out of him? Will it be worth getting his ass thrown in jail for assault?

I wonder if people realize that the fact one chooses to be non-confrontational doesn't mean I'm a coward but that I do try to stay out of trouble for as long as I can but when you push me you will get your ass kicked (or I will get my ass kicked while trying to kick yours)