Dreams and reality

I'm back at Team Clinic and I'm feeling like the old saying “the more things change, the more they stay the same”.

It's reaffirming and scary to have set the goals you did. It is reaffirming because after the accident and the surgery I was really hesitant to try again. Pacific Grove, as good as it was, was a wake up call in terms if being smart about how you push yourself.

AMBBR, Pacific Grove and the San Diego Triathlon Challenge are my best estimate regarding where i'm going to be financially, mentally and emotionally by those points of the year.

As to the why, i think you know the answer and then again the new answer may surprise you 🙂

I need to get back to the quest about limits... It'll be more of a challenge but hopefully I've spaced it smart enough.

But it's also about balance... I have no doubt that I can do the events if that's all I get to do. Now the question is whether I can balance a training schedule with work and a relationship.

News at 11 🙂

I've also decided to push myself mentally by picking programming again. JavaScript, python and java this year. Not to a master level but enough to be able to solve moderately difficult problems and to be able to work with the platforms behind the languages:

- Django for python
- Node for JavaScript
- Struts for Java.

Although I have to admit that with Java I'm more interested in learning how to extend Ant than anything else but I have to present a similar goal for all 3 or I'll stay with scripting and “easier” languages.p

So that's the challenge... Balance. Whether I’ll achieve it is anyone’s guess at this point