Has it been a year already? (WDS 2015 – Preview)

As I sit at the Starbucks in PDX's Pioneer Court Square there are several conflicting thoughts and feelings in my mind and my heart.

Some of those feelings are accomplishment. Even though it wasn't on time I was still able to finish what I had set out to do when I left my last job at FireEye and decided to embark in an exploration of what would it mean to live life in my own terms.

I'm still not certain I got any more than the beginning of an answer.

I was running out of money and the time period I had chosen to explore these questions was coming to an end so I put myself back in the grind and started searching for a job.... I'm not a consultant for NTT working on a project @ Juniper.

As with many things in life, jury is still out whether it was the right decision or not.

Every year I come to WDS I come with questions and with the strong desire to move further down the path that will lead to happiness.

Even the path that will lead to happiness is kind of a loaded question. What is happiness? Is it personal happiness? Relationship happiness? Have you reached that point and you're just to dense to realize it?

This year the questions are about loyalty and whether I want to stay where I'm at or move on to something else. Whether I want to challenge myself in ways that are more alien to me or whether I want to fall back to the comfort of the familiar?