R40: How the years go by

The show is about to start. Rush R40 Tour in San Jose, CA

The show is about to start

It's hard to believe that the last time I saw them in concert was 13 years ago and how many things happened (both to them and to me) in the mean time. It was the Vapor Trails tour, shortly after they started playing again, Neal had gotten married again after his Ghost Rider travels.

I also have to admit that the last 2 albums left me lukewarm at best. As usual there are songs that resonated very strongly but I couldn't warm up to the album as it happened before... I'd make playlists of only the songs I liked from those two albums along with the classics like Red Barchetta and Closer to the Heart from Exit... Stage Left among others and I haven't had the inclination to change the list in a while.

SO even though I got my ticket for this concert in February it was not without trepidation. The set lists for tours are hard for the band to put together and hard for me not to be disappointed with the set when they don't play the songs you love or only play a fraction of them. But it may be the last time I see them in concert so I'm not going to miss it and be unhappy with myself.

I'm always amazed at the energy the band has during the show. Watching Neil drumming it's easy to forget that he's in his 60s. Geddy and Neil play with the same level of intensity and skills they've always shown both in live and studio recordings.

I loved most of the show but was kinda disappointed when they only played Roll The Bones (and not Bravado or Dreamline) and was floored when they skipped Hold Your Fire altogether. I accept the fact that it's a touch call to make but it's hard not to be disappointed.

Loved the music, the tourbook and the shirts 🙂