I got in to a moody patch today and this song didn't help.

I remember listening to this song in one of dad's mixed tapes while driving in his car, a blue Fiat 147 (before he bought the cherry red Renault Fuego), on the way somewhere, more than likely to get some sort of food. There were multiple Lione Ritchie songs on that tape... Running with the night, Penny Lover, All Night Long...

Te echo de menos viejo. Todavía me imagino las largas conversaciones que nunca tuvimos y aún ahora me doy vuelta y preparo un email para preguntarte algo antes de recordar que te fuiste mucho antes de lo que merecías y que el mundo se apago un poco cuando tu lo dejaste.


(Playing with Google Translate)





Moments are fleeting, like drops of rain.

Before you know it they disappear, never to be seen again.

You look for them and you keep trying to live them again, unwilling to accept that you all have changed so much that the things you found pleasure on then may not be the same as those times you so enjoyed.

It almost feels like those moments are a one time deal. Take them or leave them but they will never come back in that shape or with that person again.