Epilogue (for now): Airports and the transitory nature of life/travel

I’m sitting in Heathrow as I get ready to return to the US and move on to whatever comes next. I know, I know… I have 4 hours waiting time before I have to board the sardine can for the 10 hour flight home.

I’ve always loved airports. There is a sense of impermanence and transition. Everyone in here is leaving a place, is in a place and is going to a place. They are not of the place they left, they are not of the place they are in, and they are yet to become of the place they travel to.

There are thousand of ephemeral moments that happen once and are gone. The people, the smells, even the screaming brats are exclusive of the moment. We take refuge in the familiar or we go our of our way to take risks and push for the unknown.

And then we arrive and act as if nothing had changed. Or maybe everything did

# # #



London Gallery #3: Warhammer World

The 22 year old me and the 40 year old me agreed to go to Nottingham today to pay a visit to Warhammer World.

The 22 year old me really wanted to buy shit and go crazy but the 40 year old me needs to decide what it is that he'll do with the rest of the year before he can splurge the 1400+ pounds some of the models he wants cost.

The displays in the Dioramas and the painted models were just breath taking... My favorite diorama was chaos versus tau, space marines marching and, the most impressive one, the imperial guard marching 🙂

The 20 year old me was good and didn't spend all the money but still got some interesting things to read and work (assemble and, maybe, paint) when he gets home