Doing instead of Bitching

Put your money where your mouth is.

This has been in my mind a lot lately... not just as a reminder but also as a call to action. And this time I've chosen to follow it rather than backing off in fear.

  1. I am finishing my application to a writing website... It may not lead to anything but it's a good chance to get money from doing something I enjoy

  2. I've joined Udacity as a project evaluator. The pay is not going to be much in the beginning but it's a beginning.

  3. I've put out feelers for possible contract work doing WordPress design and development. About time I can put the skills to work, isn't it?

I don't expect either of these to be long term projects... would be awesome if they did but... I have to be realistic and keep my expectations in check. The money is different and covering your own expenses is much more expensive, so you'd have to be very prolific to be able to cover your own insurance and related crap.

But it's a beginning