Good news from unexpected places

I'm still pinching myself. OMGWTF just happened these past 2 days?!

I applied for contract work at Google through Udacity last week. Didn't hear anything about it so I filed it into the "Nothing happened, move on" pile and that's where it stayed until Wednesday. I get an email from the PM for the project at Google and then we get on a call, the same day! I was asked to submit examples of Github repositories which I did. I heard back today and I'm being sent to the staffing agency to process for employment.... I start June 6th (can you fucking believe that?!)

It's not just a job or even a job at Google (in an of itself a dream.) It's a job at Google, working on the team I've always wanted to work at since I discovered it existed (Developer relations), doing what I love doing (curriculum development) and it's a job that opens a whole shitload of opportunities both at Google and elsewhere (let's not discount the power of having Google on your resume) so what's there to loose?

Yet I'm still cautious... "Too good to be true" has raised its head a lot since this happened. What happens if your best is not good enough?

We'll have to play the hand as dealt... your best is going to be awesome, particularly when your very good was awesome to them 😀