Life without regrets (again)

Trigger for today's post was originally a writing prompt on Reddit and for some reason it had me in tears... and I wasn't the only one as show in the comments 🙂

After the idiot in the kitchen stopped peeling onions it made me think why it hit so hard. I didn't grow up with the cartoon and I was already in my 20s when it came out for the first time so what was it?

I realized that there was a lot of regret from Calvin and a lot of soothing from Hobbes. It was Calvin that got me... I was crying like a baby.

One of the things I've realized now is that it's regret that has been eating at me.

I stayed home and have been watching TV and some youtube but what really caught my attention was SG1's episode The Torment of Tantalus... all about second chances and learning to accept your mistakes.

It'll be an interesting couple weeks until I start the gig at Google.