The Dream Gig

I posted this on Facebook shortly after I got the news

I guess it's more or less official now. Short of a major screw up I start at Google on Monday.

I've always talked about the "dream gig" but this one is really a dream come true. Working on Developer Relations doing curriculum development for an instructor led course on Progressive Web Applications and it came out of absolutely nowhere

This is a follow up to Good news from unexpected places now that I have the full story… so far.

I spoke to the staffing agency folks so now short of the budget being withdrawn I start at Google on Monday (June 6)!

Things worked themselves in a surprisingly positive way ending today. I applied for the job without much expectation and, as I've mentioned before, chucked into the nothing happened pile. I was going to SFHTML5 meetup on Wednesday when I got an email from the hiring manager. We spoke for half an hour and we were both really excited. She asked me to send samples of Github repositories I've created... I walked to Starbucks nearby and I sent what she asked me... The following morning she contacted me and said she'd be forwarding me to the staffing agency to next steps.

This was the Thursday before Memorial day... I wasn't expecting much movement before today (Tuesday) and I finally heard the news… I’m in!!!!

It's not just a job or even a job at Google (in an of itself a dream.) It's a job at Google, working on the team I've always wanted to work at since I discovered it existed (Developer relations), doing what I love doing (curriculum development) and it's a job that opens a whole shitload of opportunities both at Google and elsewhere (let's not discount the power of having Google on your resume) so what's there to loose?

It feels like such a big validation of the last 3+ years. Leaving FireEye and everything that has happened since. Every blog post that I enjoyed writing and every little piece of code that I created to go with them and every aggravation and stress I went through at NTT. It feels like it all led to this… whatever this turns out to be.

And that’s perhaps the most important thing. I’m not going in with rose colored goggles, well perhaps a little. I know th is is going to be hard and I know this is going to be a shitload of work but it will be so worth it in the end.

I’m also not thinking long term. I’m thinking how awesome this project will be and what I can do once it’s completed. I’m thinking that this will give me even more flexibility than FE’s stock option did at the time. I’m looking at the short term know in the knowledge that the long term pay off will be there whether I look for it or not and that, whatever comes next, I’ve earned the validation that a job at Google entails.

Bring. It. On